Abby and Wynand | Breakers Resort Wedding

Abby had flown in all the way from the UK for her big day so when the forecast said rain and howling winds, my heart sank for her as she had planned a beach wedding under the stars. BUT! As we started shooting, the sun sneaked out between the clouds as if to say, ‘Gotchya!’ And oh my gosh, but was this a HAPPY wedding! If I had to choose one word to describe Abby it would be ‘effervescent’ – she shimmers, sparkles and fizzes with warmth. You cannot help but beam in her company. And Wynand. Oh my word, Wynand. So Wy is a personal trainer and he must be absolutely amazing to train with because he is the kindest, most encouraging soul. Throughout the day, he said, ‘Lauren, you’re doing a great job!’ and I just wanted to do fifty jumping jacks for him. Abby also has a deep love for yoga so yeah together, the two of them are just smoking hawt! They’ve been doing long-distance for quite some time so it was wonderful to see them wrapped up in each other’s arms at last. Abby and Wynand, you were destined to be together and I’m honoured you chose me to capture your wedding. It was everything a wedding should be – fun, relaxed and drenched in love and laughter. My biggest hugs to you both!

Venue Breakers Resort, Umhlanga Hair and Make-Up The Durban Make-Up Artist Bridal Gown Toujours Wedding House Groom’s Drinks Location The Village Table



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