Bohemian Wedding Inspo!

Guys, meet my beautiful friend, Taneal! Toesy and I have been friends since high-school when used to cook up crazy art projects together. If you read my old blog (holla, Gloss), you might remember Toes from our first attempts at photoshoots when I used to shoot my entry-level Canon on auto. Ahhh bless, younger Lauren. Now unlike me, Toes has managed to completely defy the ageing process! She’s also the same free-spirited soul she’s always been which is why I had to photograph her for some bohemian bridal inspo. Toesy’s other half, Gregg got in on the action too and he was awesome! I’d also like to thank our talented creative crew who whipped up some whimsy with us. Oh, and if you’re planning a bohemian wedding, I’d love to treat you to a cuppa and share a little more about my collections – and most importantly – hear your about epic love story. x

Bride ‘n Groom: Taneal and Greg | Make-Up: Taneal | Hear: Zenith Beauty | Bridal Designer: Lauren Judith-Anne Design Venue: Barker Manor | Flowers and Decor: Planned to Perfection | Bouquet Wrapper, Table and Signage Elements: Elysian Creative





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