Cyndi and Brett’s Bohemian Beach Wedding at the Laughing Forest

Ah man. As my niece and I headed down the coast to Cyndi and Brett’s wedding, we drove through wind and rain. But when we arrived, these two beautiful souls were completely chill! Brett was missioning around barefoot and Cyndi was putting on ankle bracelets. That’s when I knew. We were gonna have a fun, calm day – even if it continued to rain! I myself am a bit of a hippie at heart (had a majooooor hippie phase in highschool) so I totally appreciated their laid-back vibe, love of nature – and their love of a good party! Brett had me in stitches, he was so funny! And Cyndi is a bombshell. YOH. She is breath-taking. In his speech, Brett talked about how Cynds gets in a good run every day before getting the kids ready and setting off for a work. What a woman! What I loved most about their day was how involved their kids were. They were noshing chips, walking around on the aisle and Brett’s little girl even sang a song at the reception! Kids can sometimes stress people out at a wedding but Cynds and Brett made sure to treat their littles (and their little friends) to a fun-filled day. The kids table was where the real party was at, haha. This wedding was pure heart and soul in every way. Cynds and Brett completely made the day their own. And what a gathering! You can tell so much about a couple from their friends and these guys have a big tribe of good people. I just loved every second of this wedding and hope to meet more bohemian souls like these two. Everything about this day was right up my alley. Thank you Cynds and Brett. It’s been a joy to know you! x


Venue: The Laughing Forest Bridalwear: Clasina Scott Suit: His Apparel Make-Up: Blush Pro Make-Up Videography: The Wedding Crashers Flowers: Bespoke Botanicals Hair: Clasina Scott DJ: DJ Riaan Catering: The Laughing Forest



  1. Tracy Lamont on January 23, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Lovely photo’s such happiness 💕

  2. Michelle Daykin on January 24, 2018 at 11:23 am

    Cyndi, you are such a beautiful woman, not just on the outside, but in your heart too.
    These photos are absolutely stunning!
    What a gorgeous couple!

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