Hayley and David | Golden Harvest Mooi River Wedding

When I came home after meeting Hayley and David for coffee, I said to Jon, “Those two are crazy…madly…deeply in love with each other! They were staring into each other’s with love!” You see, Hayley’s dad, Bill, has looked after our family finances for years. Both he, and his wife, Noeleen are just the kindest, most helpful people ever so it’s only natural that his daughter is just as lovely. Now, Hayley had met David many moons ago but they only recently looked at each other and thought, “dang, we should not only be together but we should be married!” Ok, not their actual words but that’s their story in a miniature nutshell! David was also just so incredibly lovely at our coffee sesh – so lovely that I was intrigued to know what he does. “He must be a pediatrician or a psychologist or something” I thought to myself. Nope. He’s a dentist! And he’s so nice! I have had a lifelong fear of dentists and now I have photographed two who have been exceptionally lovely – and I realise I’ve typed the word ‘lovely’ a lot by now. I even went and saw David for a cleaning ahead of their wedding because he made me feel so excited to begin my mouth make-over, haha! Something I’ve always wanted to do for a long time. But this isn’t about my teeth! This is about this wonderful couple. Both Hayley, David and their families share a deep faith in God and this was beautifully evident in their ceremony. I was so moved when the elders of their church came up to pray for them. Their’s was not a wedding about ten-tier cakes or glitter bombs. As awesome as those things are, Hayley and David chose to keep things sweet and simple, ensuring their friends and family were the focus of their day. They chose a venue they’d visited many times on church getaways, and Hayley got ready in the home of a dear family friend. I just loved how her mom laced her dress while Bill helped to pop on her beloved red boots! Even Hayley’s mom trimmed her fringe on the day! This simple gesture made me think her mom had probably done this a million times before, which spoke of their closeness and trust. And once the festivities started, oh my gosh. As you’ll see, there were happy tears, bear hugs, huge smiles and big laughs. It was only when looking through these photographs again that I remembered how cold it was too! But the chill couldn’t dampen the warmth that Hayley and David share wherever they go. It was such an honour to photograph this wedding and I hope you’ll enjoy peeking a few pics x

Venue Golden Harvest Videography Nerintha Nadesan Make-Up JackyJet




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