Hey, hey, Herscovitz family!

These twin sisters were on another level of cute! Kim and her gorgeous family were in Durbs for a holiday but shortly after they arrived, the heavens opened for days. Fortunately, the skies cleared just before they were due to drive back to Jozi and we got to take some pictures. Throughout the shoot, CC and Kiki sang a chorus of "cheese" together which was just too precious for words. Thanks for a great afternoon, guys! x

10Kim & Family_WEB

49Kim & Family_WEB

32Kim & Family_WEB

2Kim & Family_WEB

7Kim & Family_WEB


45Kim & Family_WEB

13Kim & Family_WEB

16Kim & Family_WEB

18Kim & Family_WEB


6Kim & Family_WEB

43Kim & Family_WEB

1Kim & Family_WEB

30Kim & Family_WEB

47Kim & Family_WEB

41Kim & Family_WEB


Kim and Family51_WEB

50Kim & Family_WEB

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