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Amy, Mark and Mmmmmilo!

Ah, what a treat it was to see Amy and Mark again, one year after they tied the knot! This gorgeous couple celebrated their first year anniversary with their beloved furbaby, Milo. Bilbo the Bun was with us in spirit! Amy is a dancer, teacher and bunny mama so we regularly discuss bun antics, while Mark…

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Selina’s Dreamy Baby Shower

Oh, I’m so excited to share Selina’s beautiful baby shower with you! She was one of the sweetest, most gentlest souls I’ve ever had the privilege of photographing. And that decor, oh my goodness. I felt like I was in a floral fairytale…with loads of cute teddies everywhere! Selina, I’ll be thinking of you over…

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An afternoon with Sands

I recently got to spend an afternoon with this gem, shortly after she’d had an op that will help other women to have a bubbas. We had such fun brewing cuppas, playing dress-up and hanging out in her gorgeous apartment before playing in the afternoon light. My beautiful Sands, I hope you’ll always know how…

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Meet Matt, Rox and the Puppers!

These two and their pups! How cute is Roxanne? She just beamed and laughed through the entire shoot! Rox and I used to work together and I always enjoyed our chats at the office. She is one of those genuine gems who also happens to be whip smart and super sweet. This was my first time meeting…

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The night before Heather and Rob’s big day

My dear friend Heather invited Jon and I to her beautiful wedding in the Midlands. Before the big day, we took a few snaps at her pre-wedding festivities! As you can see, Heth put so much TLC into every little detail. You can only imagine how incredible the actual wedding was! Thanks for having us,…

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Nessi and Thashan’s Proposal Ceremony

Oh, what a treat it was to share in Nessi and Thashan’s proposal! While they knew they’d be having a traditional ceremony, Nessi had no idea that Thashan was going to go down on one knee as well in front of all their family and friends. Man alive, but was I drizzing! Shortly after I…

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