Meagen and Liam | Shalwyn Wedding

When I walked into the Mug and Bean to meet Meagan and Liam, I immediately exclaimed, ‘I know you guys!’ When I first started my business, I was blessed to learn from the masterful David Rees who invited me to assist at Liam’s brother’s wedding. Since then, I’ve chatted weekly to Liam’s sister-in-law about our bunnies – and discovered that my beloved helper Gladness, also works for Liam’s family. So yeah, what I’m trying to say is I feel connected to these souls in all sorts of interesting ways, haha!

Following my wedding at Shalwyn the week before, I was thrilled to return because it such a special place! Meagan and Liam blessed me beyond belief when they said, ‘Feel free to shoot anyhow you want.’ That trust…I can’t begin to explain what a gift it is. They opted to have a day wedding and I’m not sure what it is about day weddings but they have such a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and I find the bridal couple has a lot more time chill with their guests.

I knew we were in for a heartfelt, emotional day when Meagan’s sister shed a few tears while she was dressing. And when Meagen walked down the aisle. Well, we were all having a drizz! But the thing that got me the most was all the stolen glances and gentle hugs between Megs and Liam throughout the day. It is incredible to think they have been dating since high school because I repeatedly remarked to Jon, ‘they look like they’ve just met and fallen wildly in love.’ Many couples ‘split up’ (you know what I mean, hehe!) on their wedding day as they catch up with various sides of their families but Liam and Megs remained physically united throughout. I watched as they made their way to every guest together, all the while checking that the other was ok.

And their bridal party and families! Ah. Salt-of-the-Earth-gems. Everyone was so warm and welcoming! And everyone was up for anything! I drove off feeling deeply grateful that we’d gotten to share in such a moving and momentous experience. I hope you will feel the love and warmth in some of my faves below. I got a bit teary-eyed going through these again! All I’ve ever wanted is to shoot for kind souls and Megs and Liam were all that and more. To my very special bride and groom, thank you so much. My life is richer for the time we had together and I’m praying our paths will continue to cross. x

Venue: Shalwyn Catering: Hamblings Hair Catia’s Hair Design  Cake: Jess Bayman Officiant: Rob Fick


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