Meet Matt, Rox and the Puppers!

These two and their pups! How cute is Roxanne? She just beamed and laughed through the entire shoot! Rox and I used to work together and I always enjoyed our chats at the office. She is one of those genuine gems who also happens to be whip smart and super sweet. This was my first time meeting her hubby, Matt, and gosh, they are a great team. I mean, look at those looks they give each other! I am especially grateful to Rox and Matt because they were the first to book one of my Pics for Paws shoots.

Last year, while scrolling through Facebook, my friend Jade shared a heart-wrenching post about puppies being sold at the robots in blistering heat. As I drove home later that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about those poor souls suffering, on the side of the road.

Animals are one of our greatest gifts and yet so many dogs are suffering from abuse and neglect. Fortunately, there are wonderful humans like the team at Puppy SOS who give up their time to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome KZN’s abused, unwanted and homeless dogs. They also travel to underprivileged areas to educate folks and assist with sterilisation. If there is a pupper in need, they will do all they can to save that soul.

How I found out about them was through another ex-colleague of mine, Jade Ashford. Jade opens her home to loads of dogs in need! She runs raffles. She organises giveaways. She even saves strays while she’s on holiday. She is one of those people who will take action, no matter the hour or inconvenience. A TRUE legend and a personal inspiration of mine. After seeing Jade’s post about the robot puppies, my heart broke and I felt desperate to help, even in some small way. So that’s how Pics for Paws was born. I decided to do a few shoots and donate all the money to Puppy SOS.

To the Puppy SOS team, I am so grateful to you guys. Thank you for giving our furry friends a voice. Thank you for keeping them safe. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You guys are amazing and the animals are blessed to have you on their side.

If you are reading this and considering getting a dog of your own, please consider adopting from Puppy SOS. 

If you’d like to help in some other way, you can also foster a pup or make a donation. Puppy SOS depend entirely on donations from the public so any gift will be greatly appreciated.

Here’s some handy info which I grabbed from their Facebook page:

We are always looking for temporary foster homes to care for our pups whilst they wait for a new home. If you would like help out contact us,

Help with out vet accounts. Due to the areas that are pups come from, most are sick and often need treatment and special diets. Donations are very welcome.
Banking details
Dog Rescue KZN
Standard Bank
Account: 372 122 469
Branch: 045626
Ref: Puppy SOS
Proof of payment to

Alrighty, now time for some pics! x





  1. Michelle Mac on April 19, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    Great pics, Lauren, of a great couple for a great cause….well done!

    • Lauren Setterberg on April 20, 2017 at 9:12 pm

      Thank you so much, Michelle 🙂

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