Sumaiya and Mohamed | Audacia Manor Hotel Wedding

Are these two not the coolest ‘n cutest? Mohamed and Sumaiya’s wedding date had to change (because Mo became an international hockey legend during their engagement!) but they kindly held our date by getting dressed up again! I still can’t believe the effort they went through to recreate their wedding day. And what fun it was to snap without the time pressure of having to whisk Sumaiya down an aisle. I am all for wedding recreations now! Oh, I must also mention how crazy windy it was this day. I literally thought I was going to blow off the balcony. I could only take them outside in the last ten minutes because the windows were rattling around us! Yay for having such a gorgeous space to shoot in. Thank you Sumaiya and Mo. If hockey doesn’t pan out, you’ve both got a career in modeling!


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  1. Jolene West on May 24, 2018 at 11:07 am

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