Thameera and Suhayl | Wingrove Valley Wedding

When Thameera and Suhayl arrived at their engagement shoot, they surprised me with the most thoughtful prezzie. I was so incredibly touched and excited to shoot their gangster inspired session! After sharing a hubbly and running around with trilbys on our heads, they then invited us out to dinner! I mean, that just speaks to how wonderfully kind and generous Tham and Su are. They make everyone around them feel so very special.

A day after tying the knot, they threw a spectacular reception for their friends and family! The temperature dropped to four degrees but these two lit up the room with their warm, sunny smiles. Together, they’re the perfect team. Tham is sweet, sensitive and softly-spoken while Sue always has a mischievous twinkle in his eye! The morning of, he wanted everything to be perfect for her, and while sitting in her mum’s room she said, ‘Lauren, I miss him and I cannot wait to see him. I honestly love him more and more each day.’ She didn’t say this for the camera. She didn’t say it in a hyper, crazy way. She said it with genuine longing and love. And right then, I knew they had the real deal.


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