A golden Saturday

Jon and I joined Gen, Gavin and Olive in Summerveld for a catch up the other day! We had a great time crunching through the leaves and watching the horses gallop by. Aren’t they just the sweetest?  

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Our country getaway!

Every autumn, Jon and I head to this special hideaway in the hills called Solitude. There isn’t any cell signal which is a good thing and a frustrating thing but ultimately a very good thing! The owner, Berenice is so lovely and her pups always come to hang with us. This time, we took a ton of pics…

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A modest street style session!

Jowhara was the first person to email me after my site went live! I recognised her name and she told me how she’d followed my blog, Glossary, for years! I was so excited to meet her after chatting through blog comments for so long. In July, she’ll be launching a new brand that offers monthly…

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A one month anniversary

  In a few minutes, March will tick into April, marking one month of running my own business. Jon is fast asleep and I’m sitting here at my desk, wondering how to put this into words. I had no idea how this month would go. I planned for the worst and hoped for the best.…

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