Exploring the Lanes with Micaela and Dylan

Shortly after I started this biz six months ago, I visited Micaela for two photography lessons and she helped me immensely. Little did I know I’d be photographing her and her boyfriend, Dylan in just a few months! This amazingly cool couple had moved the UK, just before I arrived there on my working holiday so…

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Kathy and Jack’s Brighton Wedding!

Kathy and I have been friends since we were seven! When she first asked me to shoot her wedding, I thought she was just being nice and I didn’t want my friends to feel  like  they had to ask me just ‘cuz we’re buddies. But… she persisted and I was like, “I haven’t shot a…

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Family, Maternity

Michelle’s maternity sesh!

My heart, my heart! I went to school with Shells and I still remember when her and Chris started dating. Now they’re married with a gorgeous daughter and another one on the way! I was so touched when she emailed to say that she was keen to meet up during her Durban holiday to take some…

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Hey, hey, Herscovitz family!

These twin sisters were on another level of cute! Kim and her gorgeous family were in Durbs for a holiday but shortly after they arrived, the heavens opened for days. Fortunately, the skies cleared just before they were due to drive back to Jozi and we got to take some pictures. Throughout the shoot, CC and Kiki…

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