Carmen and Brett | The Estuary Hotel Wedding

Upon meeting Carms, I quickly got a sense that she’s an introvert with a wicked sense of humour. Unlike many of the women I meet, Carms isn’t into PDAs or lingering gazes into the eyes of her loved ones! She straight-up told me, ‘I’m super awks and not into photos.’ Ha! This really bemused me as she is one of the most breathtaking brides I have ever encountered! Even her priest kept egging her on saying, ‘Now look into Brett’s eyes, Carmen.’ Hehe! But I loved how refreshingly honest she was and I could relate to her in many ways. I didn’t want all eyes on me at my wedding but you can only melt into the background to a point.

Brett and Carms, even though photo shoots aren’t your jam, you were an absolute pleasure to photograph. Thank you for running through sandy shores, jelly-fish and all! You guys stayed true to you which is the best way to start your marriage adventure. Sending lots of love from KZN, Lauren x

Venue The Estuary Hotel and Spa Hair and Make-Up Sam Scarborough


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