Gina and Duncan | The Glenwood Bakery

Gina and Duncan are very dear to me. We met for a cuppa last year and Gina spoke so sweetly of her sentimental nature. She deeply values photographs and I felt incredibly touched when they booked me to shoot their wedding. A few weeks later, her bestie got in touch to say she wanted to surprise Gina and Duncs with an engagement shoot! How thoughtful is that? A couple of their friends clubbed in and gifted them with a voucher at their engagement party. Duncan had the brilliant idea of shooting at the Glenwood Bakery which is one of their favourite places for coffee dates. They wanted relaxed photos of them hanging out, just as they usually do and that’s what we set out to snap! In between shots, I couldn’t help but notice how these two listen to each other. They are more than besotted. They genuinely value each other’s thoughts and opinions. And everything is effortless with them. I barely directed anything! They’re just naturally this adorable, haha. And I just want to say a huge thanks to the Glenwood Bakery for being so accommodating. They really were so lovely and that iced coffee was amazing! Gina and Duncs – the countdown for the big day is on!


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  1. Gina on February 25, 2019 at 9:23 pm

    Was emotional reading this!! Lauren we couldn’t be more excited for you to capture our special day!!

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