sweet words

The best part about my job? The wonderful souls I get to know. Ever-afters are a big deal and to be trusted with those memories is a huuuuge honour! I often have to stop myself from laughing too hard in the speeches or getting teared up during the I-do's! Then there are the cute coffee dates, the sunset family picnics and the women who treat themselves to their first-ever photo shoot. Being able to document people's lives is already such a joy so to receive notes such as these - well, my cup runneth over.

La, I am loving seeing the work you are doing - staying so joyful amidst such a hustle is impressive - seems God let us meet you at just the right time. Can I just affirm you and say that every ounce of our professional service from you was perfect. We can only highly recommend you wherever we go, from the professional yet authentic way you keep in touch, to the fun and skilful shoot, and the absolutely magical photos at the end! We have not been found wanting! We feel we found an amazing photographer contact as well as a friend.

Rachel McKibbin

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PHOTOS! Each one of them brings such beauty to the day and I cried more happy tears looking through parts of the day that I didn't see but that you captured. Honestly, it was so wonderful having another lens to look through when all I had were my own eyes. Your perspective is one full of light and love and if my gaze wasn't already rose-tinted, I'd ask you if you added a gel filter to your lenses. Thank you so much for your beautiful work, I'm ever grateful.

tarryn van tonder

Hey my most favorite photographer in the world! 
Just sitting in my couch waiting for an ovenfull of freshly baked müsli-rolls to be ready and found myself looking over the entire wedding album again. 
So I just wanted to pop you a message, to remind you that you are wonderful! 
When times are tough - like now, I want you to know that you make a difference! You have given me something I cherish more than I can ever tell you! You've captured everything with the exact feeling of how it was and it brings a tear to my eyes everytime i see those pictures. I'll think of you when i open them for the rest of my life! What you do are important! Never stop! 
Thank you for crossing my path! 

Annemette Kjær 

We just want to say thank you for these amazing photos! You are such a talented photographer and I am so glad that you did our engagement shoot. We will treasure these photos forever. You went above and beyond and gave us so much more than we expected.


We wanted to thank you again for being the easiest, most chilled, most go-with-the-flow photographer and all round human being to work with; throughout the day, you made us feel relaxed, happy and comfortable despite the rain and the weather and the crazy difficult lighting. Thank you for getting in the mud and dirt to create our wedding album and for making us feel so special throughout the whole process. Your attention to detail, your punctuality, your funky and fun attitude and your work ethic were all so appreciated. Our couple shoot was one of my favourite parts of the day, where Pat and I could just have a few moments to feel that intimacy, love and connection with each other and appreciate the moment together without anyone else around. We had so much fun and neither of us ever felt awkward or overly posed, it was the organic, natural process that I had hoped for. So, thank you, your passion for your work shines through.


Wow, wow, wow! Lauren, we are completely speechless. These photographs are incredible. Not only were you so warm and friendly, you also made us feel so comfortable. You captured the most special moments so perfectly and all the pictures tell the story with all the emotions from start to finish. Can't thank you, enough! And thanks for getting us our pics so fast. You are a true gem and an amazing photographer. Cannot wait to share with my family!



We are in absolute awe of our wedding pictures!! They are PERFECTION.
Thank you so very much for capturing our special day so beautifully and making everyone feel so comfortable and at ease. Looking through the pics with the most grateful heart knowing that I get to treasure these photos and the memories forever. I remember saying to you on the day that I wish I could just bottle up & keep all the emotions I was feeling that morning and your photos have done just that- I've been excited, shed tears, laughed out loud and loved, looking through the album & reliving our beautiful wedding. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Omg Lauren!! I think I'm in love with you. People have not stopped messaging me about the pictures and how stunning they are. I've also been meaning to thank you for cheering me up about the whole forest fiasco and getting his to still smile for the pictures. We had so much fun with you! We'd have a wedding all over again just to get you to be our photographer.


Lauren ! I have been obsessing over the photos the WHOLE day! I took my Cloudy to the airport and was so sad this morning, receiving your photos when I got home made me smile so much. I am so so glad I got the chance to capture her beauty and our friendship and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing person to capture it.  I am so beyond happy with the end images and all the emotions they capture. Thank you thank you thank you, for fitting us in, for getting the photos to us so soon, for making my best friend feel comfortable and beautiful and for capturing us before her adventure. I honestly would recommend you to the whole world. I really hope I get to work with you again and again soon! You are complete magic.


LAUREN SETTERBERG! Where do I even begin!!?? These photos are incredible! I get all teary looking at them, you have captured our love so perfectly! You are so incredibly talented girl! Thank you so much for being so professional, so lovely and so quick with the pics too! Jeepers, we will be recommending you to every single person that is looking for a photographer! You really made us feel so comfortable, and we had so much fun. To think we were nervous in fear that we would be awkward...Thank you, thank you, really! We are so truly grateful!


La, I just wanted to say a huge Thank You! to you, for everything!!! The preview pictures are impeccable. I am so excited for the rest! We got a ton of messages about how beautiful they are, and I just can't stop replying with "Didn't I tell you we had the best photographer around". 
As I mentioned before, your inner beauty shows in your work! You have out-done yourself time after time. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to actually have you as our wedding photographer. We are truly honored to have had not only someone of your calibre - so humble and kind, but also someone whose work is pure brilliance.
La, thank you so so much! We love working with you, and we just simply adore your work. I am so glad the world gets to see so much beauty through you! 

Naksha Nandlal 



These look sooooo amazing, they really exceeded my expectations tenfold!

Thank you for making everything so comfortable for me yesterday because it really helped me get into the zone lol. I love working with you so much and I can't wait to share the rest of my life’s milestones with you. All my love Dom xx

dominique de beer


Woman I’m not coping!!! I’m so blown away honestly I love every single image, Lauren!!!!



Lauren! Holy moly, these are incredible- we actually can't believe our eyes <3 Thank you so much for being so incredible and making us both feel so relaxed. 

stacey march


You are the ultimate best. Untouchable. Don't know how to thank you!



La, you are the best thing since cake for me! You truly are an artist and expert. The pics are STUNNING! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your professionalism and positive vibes. You have outdone yourself and my expectations. We are in love with the pics! 


WOW! These images are everything I wanted AND MORE! I’ve come to realise and appreciate that the shoot experience is just as important as the end product and over and above my obsession with these images, I’m so grateful for the wonderful experience that we had with you. 


I am so thrilled with the pics. I'm actually floored when I look at them. Thank you for the most incredible day - I had so much fun and am so so happy with the photos. You have such an incredible talent, and I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you.


I had the most amazing, fun shoot with you!  Thank you for making me feel SO comfortable and OMG! Look at these pics 🙂 You are too talented. I love them all so much, how will I ever choose!


La, your photos take us back to our day every time we look at them! You captured all the love and laughter perfectly.



I'm so glad I chose you to shoot our day - you are exceptional and the pictures are amazing! You were so friendly and easy to work with and I loved every moment. We're both extremely impressed and overwhelmed. Even our guests loved you. Thank you for sharing our special day and being part of it .


WOW, I am utterly blown away! The pictures are STUNNING! You captured our special day so perfectly and have left us with the best memories! I can't wait to show them to my family later on 🙂


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I don't think you could have done a more stellar job lady… my heart is bursting with how you got this so on point! I love every single image.


Lauren, your passion for what you do, and your total immersion in a couple's special day makes your photos so special. You capture intimate moments as well as precious family memories. Thank you. These photos are a legacy for our family.


Oh my goodness, Lauren! These are absolutely amazing. You just managed to bring tears to my eyes again. 


My dear Lauren, I am speechless. I honestly cannot believe how gorg these look. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just don't have the perfect words to describe how excited I am for these photos and how much I appreciate it. You are such a gem. Thank you so so so much.


Lauren these pictures are amazing!! Thank you so much for giving us the most incredible wedding photos and for being so patient through all the madness! You really are the best decision we made for this wedding. Have a great week, and we'll keep in contact soon!

Bernita Haripersad 

Omg Lauren ....  I'm Speechless. Absolutely love u and ur work. Our jaws dropped seeing the pics. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

kaajal hiralal 

Oh my word, I am so in love with all the pics - choosing prints wasn't easy by any means, haha!


Thanks so much for the photographs - we absolutely love them! Just wanted to let you know we received the prints and they are absolutely beautiful! Also, thank you so much for the absolutely stunning USB! I can’t wait to put the pictures up on the wall.


These are TOO phenomenal for words! I'm in awe - thank you. 


OMG , I'm not crying in my office. THESE ARE AMAZING - I honestly have no words. I'll send you a thank you email when my speech returns.


I just went through the album! OMG!!! Absolutely amazing! I love every single one of them! I cannot thank you enough... You have perfectly captured the mood that I wanted to portray!!

Arisha Sucheran